Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home

Paint color is one of the first things people will notice when walking into your home, which is why it is the best way to update your home for selling purposes. It will have a powerful impact on weather or not new homeowners can envision themselves in the home or not. “Zillow’s 2017 Paint Colors Analysis found that homes with blue bathrooms sold for $5,400 more than expected.” Neutral color pallets help a room feel larger and new potential homeowners can see themselves living there. Neutral color examples are oatmeal and different shades of gray.

The specific color will depend on how much light (especially natural light) the rooms has, as well as the other finishes such as flooring, countertops, furniture, etc. Here are a few popular go-to colors that coordinate well with most finishes and appeal to a wide array of buyers:

Sherwin Williams: Perfect Greige

Sherwin Williams: Light French Gray

Sherwin Williams: Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams: Worldly Gray

Sherwin Williams: Raindrop

Sherwin Williams: Rainwashed

Sherwin Williams: Seasalt

Kitchens & bathrooms are generally appealing in light blues and grays and bedrooms in a slightly darker/warmer blue such as light cerulean or online. Dinning rooms are beautiful in a rich blue such as slate blue or navy. If you are weary of that much color, or prefer to keep the space open and airy, accent walls are a great solution to still add some. Living rooms are preferred in a “Greige” tone, which means a gray/beige mix.   These paint colors should be on your go-to list because they typically go with a wide array of color schemes (warm and cool, gray and brown.)

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