The Best White Paint Colors For Your Home Interior

Paint is the most cost effective way to make over a room and it will have the biggest impact. White paint colors can seem impossible to choose from with hundreds of options available. Who knew there are so many different shades of white?  Some whites have a blue tint, some have a yellow tint and some are true white.  In this blog post I will share our go-to whites and pointers for selecting the best one for your home.

A few quick tips before diving into the paint colors. The first thing to consider is the amount of natural light (or lack of) as well as the artificial light. This can have a big affect on the white paint color- and if it will have a yellow, blue or true white tint. Next, take note of the surrounding finishes, décor, wood tones in your trim and doors.  Test the colors out on a poster board and place them in different spots throughout the room.  Check one color at a time so the colors don’t play off of each other.  Make sure to check them out at all times of the day.

Lastly is to select the sheen.   See the notes below- but quick recap: we suggest Eggshell for the walls, Semi-Gloss for trim and flat for ceiling.  This will help narrow down the right paint colors and finishes for your room!

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